Project Description: My journey with the NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum began during my internship at Virtual, where I initially managed website maintenance. As NFC emerged as one of our key clients, I was entrusted with the exciting opportunity to lead the complete redesign and development of their website. The project aimed to revamp a site built in 2006, bringing it into the modern era and aligning it with the contemporary tech-focused nature of NFC.

Key Achievements and Responsibilities:

  1. Complete Website Overhaul: The NFC Forum, being a non-profit industry association in the NFC ecosystem, required a modern and functional online presence. I spearheaded a ground-up redesign, leveraging my skills honed through mentorship and hands-on experience.
  2. Contemporary Design Inspired by Tech Giants: Given the tech-centric nature of NFC, I drew inspiration from contemporary designs, notably Facebook’s Blog template. The goal was to create a sleek and modern website that resonated with the cutting-edge technology associated with NFC.
  3. WordPress Codex Mastery: Investing time in the WordPress Codex, I ensured the website was developed using best practices. This commitment to learning and implementing correct methodologies showcased my dedication to delivering a well-built site.
  4. Theme Utilization and Child Theme Development: Leveraging the Avada theme, I built a child theme to accommodate additional edits in the functions file. This approach prevented theme updates from overriding critical changes, ensuring the stability and consistency of the website.
  5. Custom Blocks and Post Type Templates: Building the website from the ground up allowed me to create custom blocks for versatile content presentation. Additionally, I developed custom post type templates, demonstrating a higher level of proficiency and boosting my confidence in WordPress development.
  6. WooCommerce Integration and Learning: As part of the project, I dedicated time to learning WooCommerce to ensure seamless e-commerce integration. This expanded skill set added value to the project, providing NFC with a comprehensive online platform.
  7. Consistent Project Check-Ins: Throughout the project, consistent check-ins covered timelines, design elements, content migration, and other crucial aspects. This proactive approach ensured alignment with the project goals and client expectations.

Client Satisfaction: The NFC Forum website redesign project was a resounding success, serving as a testament to my growth and skills acquired at Virtual. The client expressed satisfaction with the contemporary design, robust functionality, and the seamless integration of e-commerce capabilities.

This project showcased not only technical expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce but also effective project management skills, including consistent communication and adherence to best practices. The NFC Forum website stands as a landmark project that reflects my dedication to delivering high-quality solutions.

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