As part of a personal initiative called 97 Creative, I embarked on a venture to assist local brands and businesses in establishing a robust online presence. While treating this endeavor as a side gig, the primary goal is to provide tailored digital marketing solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in my area. The initiative encompasses a range of services, and to streamline the project request process, I implemented a dynamic project request form with integrated automation.

Key Components and Achievements:

  1. Initiation of 97 Creative: The inception of 97 Creative marked the beginning of a small-scale initiative aimed at supporting local brands and businesses in building a strong online presence. This side gig reflects my commitment to contributing to the growth of the community.
  2. Side Gig Approach: While 97 Creative operates as a side gig, it serves as a valuable resource for brands seeking digital marketing solutions. Despite limited marketing efforts, the initiative is positioned to provide support when local businesses require assistance.
  3. Digital Marketing Solutions: 97 Creative offers a range of digital marketing solutions tailored to the needs of local brands. These solutions encompass various aspects, such as website development, online branding, and strategic digital marketing initiatives.
  4. Dynamic Project Request Form: To facilitate an efficient project request process, I designed and implemented a dynamic project request form. This form serves as a user-friendly interface for clients to articulate their needs and requirements effectively.
  5. Zapier Integration for Seamless Automation: Leveraging Zapier, I integrated the project request form with essential tools, ensuring seamless data flow. Data captured through the form is automatically sent to Mailchimp for communication purposes, Monday for project management, and the invoicing software for streamlined financial processes.
  6. Efficient Communication via Mailchimp: The integration with Mailchimp enables efficient communication with clients. Once a project request is submitted, relevant data is automatically transferred to Mailchimp, facilitating prompt and targeted communication.
  7. Streamlined Project Management with Monday: The use of Monday as a project management tool enhances collaboration and organization. Project details captured through the form are seamlessly integrated with Monday, providing a centralized platform for managing tasks and timelines.
  8. Automated Invoicing for Financial Efficiency: Integrating the project request form with the invoicing software streamlines financial processes. This ensures that invoicing is triggered automatically based on the project details, promoting financial efficiency and accuracy.
  9. Responsive and Adaptable Approach: 97 Creative operates with a responsive and adaptable approach, catering to the unique needs of each client. The initiative’s flexibility allows it to provide tailored solutions without extensive marketing efforts.

Through the implementation of a dynamic project request form and integrated automation, 97 Creative stands as a valuable resource for local brands seeking digital marketing solutions. The initiative reflects a commitment to community growth and demonstrates the effectiveness of leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance client interactions.

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