Project Description: While working at Virtual Inc, I assumed the role of maintaining the DSC (Digital Service Collaborative) website, focusing on WordPress updates and collaborating with the development team on design enhancements. Although I did not handle the initial development, I actively participated in the ongoing upkeep and design improvements for this brochure-type website.

Key Responsibilities and Contributions:

  1. WordPress Updates and Collaboration: As the designated person responsible for DSC’s website upkeep, I collaborated with the development team on WordPress updates. This involved ensuring the website remained current with the latest features, security patches, and overall optimization.
  2. Design Collaboration with SVG Implementation: During my tenure, I engaged in my first experience with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as part of the website’s design enhancements. Recognizing the lightweight nature of SVG files, I collaborated with the team to incorporate SVG elements, contributing to a visually appealing and efficient website.
  3. Brochure-Type Website Maintenance: The DSC website followed a brochure-type format, emphasizing concise and engaging content. My responsibilities included keeping the content up-to-date, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining a cohesive design that aligned with DSC’s branding.
  4. Enhanced Aesthetics through SVG Implementation: Leveraging the lightweight nature of SVG files, I explored and integrated SVG elements to enhance the aesthetics of the website. This not only contributed to a visually pleasing design but also positively impacted the site’s performance and loading times.

Client Satisfaction: My role in maintaining and collaborating on design updates for the DSC website aimed to meet the client’s expectations for a polished, up-to-date, and visually appealing online presence. While my direct interactions with the client were limited, the successful upkeep of the brochure-type website and the positive feedback from the team reflected client satisfaction.

This project underscores my adaptability to different aspects of website management, from WordPress updates to design collaboration with emerging technologies like SVG. The commitment to maintaining an efficient and aesthetically pleasing website aligns with the client’s goals and contributes to a positive user experience.

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