Project Description: While I didn’t directly build the AOM (Art of Management) brochure website, my involvement in the planning phase was instrumental in ensuring a successful launch. Following the launch, I took on a retainer role, overseeing website maintenance, content updates, and overall upkeep to ensure the continued success of the platform.

Key Contributions:

  1. Launch Planning: During the planning phase, I collaborated with the development team to strategize and optimize the launch of the AOM brochure website. This involved outlining key features, user experience considerations, and establishing a roadmap for a smooth and impactful launch.
  2. Retainer Responsibilities: Post-launch, I assumed a retainer role, taking on the responsibility of ongoing website maintenance and updates. This included addressing any technical issues, ensuring the website’s responsiveness, and implementing updates to keep the content fresh and relevant.
  3. Content Updates: As part of the retainer duties, I played a crucial role in updating and refreshing content on the AOM website. This involved keeping information current, incorporating new assets, and optimizing content for improved engagement.

Client Satisfaction: Despite not being directly involved in the initial build, my strategic planning contributions and subsequent role in website maintenance and content updates significantly contributed to the client’s satisfaction. The AOM brochure website continued to thrive post-launch, maintaining a polished and up-to-date online presence.

This project emphasizes my versatility in not only contributing to the planning of a website launch but also in assuming a post-launch maintenance role to ensure the ongoing success of the platform. It reflects my commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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