Project Description: In preparation for our daughter’s Groovy 80’s-themed birthday celebration, I took the lead in creating a stylish RSVP landing page to enhance the event planning experience. Using HTML and CSS, I crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly landing page hosted on Netlify.

Key Features:

  1. RSVP Form Integration: The centerpiece of the landing page was an RSVP form, allowing guests to confirm their attendance. The form seamlessly collected crucial details, enhancing the event planning process.
  2. Zapier Integration for Google Sheets: Leveraging the power of automation, I integrated Zapier to seamlessly connect the RSVP form to a Google Sheet. This automated system streamlined the management of guest invitations, ensuring all responses were efficiently logged and organized.
  3. Email List Management: Taking it a step further, I utilized Zapier to automatically add RSVP’d contacts to an email list. This functionality facilitated timely event reminders, ensuring that guests were informed and excited about the upcoming celebration.
  4. Netlify Hosting: The landing page was hosted on Netlify, providing a reliable and secure platform for seamless access and smooth user interactions.

Technological Approach:

  • Front-End Development: I utilized HTML and CSS to design an engaging and responsive landing page that captured the vibrant essence of the 80’s theme.
  • Zapier Automation: By integrating Zapier, I established a dynamic connection between the RSVP form, Google Sheets, and the email list, automating key aspects of event management.
  • Netlify Hosting: The choice of Netlify as the hosting platform ensured a fast, reliable, and secure online presence for the RSVP landing page.

Client Satisfaction: The Groovy 80’s Birthday RSVP landing page not only contributed to the thematic excitement of the event but also provided a streamlined and automated solution for managing guest responses. The integration of Zapier for Google Sheets and email list management showcased my commitment to leveraging technology for efficient event planning.

This project highlights my versatility in combining front-end development skills with automation tools to create a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. The success of the landing page is evident in the positive response from attendees and the hassle-free organization of the event details.

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