About Evander

Based in 📍Boston, Massachusetts USA
Developer at Medcor Inc. who loves minimal design, Grids & basketball.

With over 7 years of professional experience, Evander Pierre is a skilled and dedicated web developer. He discovered his passion for coding websites during college and has honed his skills ever since. Evander brings expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, React, and WordPress development to every project.

After graduating college with degrees in Information Technology and Marketing, Evander kicked off his career at a digital marketing agency. As a junior developer, he managed 33 client WordPress sites, optimizing performance and implementing new features. Evander also assisted with pitching prospective clients by providing technical expertise.

Eager to expand his skills, Evander took on a web developer role at a software company. He collaborated cross-functionally to build high-quality web applications, focusing on writing maintainable code. Evander worked on public-facing websites as well as internal tools, integrating diverse APIs and backends. He was consistently praised for his rapid turnaround on business-critical projects.

Seeking new challenges, Evander worked remotely as a web developer at an ed-tech startup in the UK. He overhauled their website architecture, moving it to WordPress for increased flexibility. Evander also built complex workflows to connect the company’s various SaaS tools. As a subject matter expert on the team, he communicated technical concepts and trained colleagues on web best practices.

Currently, Evander works as a Web Developer and HubSpot Manager at a healthcare company. He develops and maintains their website, optimizes SEO, improves performance, and tracks analytics. Evander also manages email campaigns, landing pages, and automated workflows in HubSpot.

In his 7+ years as a web developer, Evander has honed his skills in creating optimized, user-friendly web platforms. He thrives when collaborating with stakeholders and translating business needs into technical solutions. Evander is always exploring the latest web technologies and pushing himself to grow as a developer.